The Woman Who Created

Anna Witham lives in the charming town of Bend, Oregon. One of Anna’s greatest pleasures in life is found in carefully creating food that spreads joy throughout the lively community in this quaint mountain town. Aside from her two bright-eyed sons and her love for dancing, cooking and baking allow her to nourish others, while telling her own story in the combination of unique and delicious ingredients. For several years, Anna experimented, crafting all sorts of decadent culinary delights in the restaurants that she founded, which include Lone Pine Coffee and The Root Cellar.

The Dream and The Journey

After some time, Anna began to dream of new ways to share her passion for food with the people of Bend. She noticed that patrons of The Root Cellar adored her ramen, and without another similar shop in the area, she quickly decided that a noodle shop was what she needed to create next. That is when an unexpected opportunity presented itself. A perfect space, tucked away on 2nd street, became available and Anna knew it was time to take action. So she began crafting a menu loaded with delectable ingredients that she knew the people of Bend would love, and prepared to open her new restaurant.

A Bounty of Noodles

Noodles for all have arrived. Beginning in February 2017, the people of Bend can customize their own ramen noodle bowls to their liking at 123 Ramen. With a savory assortment of fresh vegetables, meats, broth and noodles to choose among, there is something here for everyone.

A Happy Community Forever After

By sourcing ingredients locally and creating desirable jobs, Anna is aiming to contribute to the health and wellbeing of the community for years to come. Her food will nourish each patron, while the sustainable business practices and relationships she values will enrich and nurture the community.