Standards of Practice

Your experience at 123 Ramen is meant to be as nourishing as it is delicious, and so we have made very intentional decisions about the food we work with and the way it is prepared.  We see all the food that comes to the restaurant as precious and work really hard to use it to its fullest potential, making it as tasty and nutrient-dense as possible.


Our vegetables come from farms as locally as possible, grown in ways that are as harmonious with the earth as we can, ie organic and biodynamic. We make the vegetable choices on the menu based on what is seasonally available. We extend the season of some produce by pickling and fermenting it.  All our vegetable and fruit scraps are saved for broth-making.

Animal Products

The animal products we use come from ranchers in Central Oregon who use environmentally nurturing practices and focus on the health of the animals they raise, producing nutrient-dense products.  As much as possible, we invest in whole animals and use a “nose-to-tail” method of menu planning, finding varied ways to prepare the different cuts of meat.  Bones from these animals are an unseen but essential part of our menu: we simmer them with veggies and herbs for our daily bone broth. Our eggs come from lovingly pasture-raised chickens and ducks (even geese, sometimes!) in Central Oregon.


The dairy products we use are local, grass-fed, and as unrefined as legally allowed.


We use are chosen for their properties of nourishment and flavor.  We tend towards less-refined oils, such as avocado, coconut and olive oils, as well as butter and lard that we render in-house. Peanut, canola, and soy are oils that you will never find in our kitchen.

Gluten Awareness

We offer gluten-free noodle options, and all our toppings are prepared without gluten. Even all the soy sauce we use is gluten-free. Our small work environment cannot assure a completely uncontaminated gluten-free experience, but we do our best.


We use fermented soy products, such as miso and soy sauce.  We do not use soy in the form of tofu, oil, or any other hidden additives.


Our ramen noodles are made in small batches by Umi Organics of Portland, OR.  They produce 100% organic noodles with local flour!


We tend towards thoughtful, simple preparations of food, with the intention of keeping flavors clean and easy to appreciate, but also to make life a little easier for folks with food allergies or dietary restrictions.


100% of our food waste is composted, lightening the impact of this restaurant on the environment. In keeping with the idea that all our food is precious,we compost because even the parts that we don’t directly consume can contribute to the future health of our soil and complete the circle of agriculture in this community.