What can I eat for lunch instead of bread?

instead of bread

Whether you don’t like preparing of your own lunch and having it in place or really don’t work into your day planning, make sure that you make wise choices when buying your lunch.

This is all too easy to take part in food sales, and you can have crisps and a high sugar soda, when there are so many choices to eat for lunch instead of bread.

Lunch is sometimes consumed or, worse still, not consumed at all. Great breaks between your meals will drop your blood sugar levels to such an extent that you cannot focus correctly or you can feel irritable, weak or unconscious.

A fast sugar remedy in the form of a chocolate bar is not an excellent way to overcome the symptoms of low blood sugar.

The large rise in sugar in your body will boost insulin development, which will significantly decrease your blood sugar level right after the sugar fixation. It simply means that you are back to the first place.

Most people lament the 3-4pm dip, mostly the product of a lunch not adequate with too little complex carbohydrates and protein.

The energy that your lunch received rapidly decreased, leaving you with a decrease in energy. Attempt to change the day’s arrangement and eat a big lunch and a light dinner if necessary.

It is therefore important to have a good source of carbohydrate as good substitute for bread for lunch.

Types are: potato, brown pasta or rice, brown bagel, pita or pipe wrap, rye bread. Try to stop consuming white bread because it has a lot of sugar and its brown counterpart is not only healthier for you but also gives you more strength.

lunchMake sure you do have a protein source that fits your appetite in the afternoon. Examples of lean protein include: chicken, ham, salmon, eggs, turkey and pulses.

And if you get away from your office, look around and search for a variety at lunches instead of looking for the same old stuff. Sushi is a great clean lunch choice, although made from white rice. Most places do wraps these days, but if you get your lunch fresh, then it’s better.

Be cautious with fruit juices because fruit sugars are very high. Water is usually the best option, but if you feel like anything additional to the wrap or bagel, it may be easier to go for a smoothie; it also includes a relatively small amount of sugar.

Another good choice is fruit and especially low glycolic fruits (those with low to moderate glycolic index and not so high in sugar which generate longer energy). The best ones are: grapes, cherries, violet, raspberries and apples.