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What can I use if I don’t have a makeup sponge?

Cosmetic sponges are one of the most common cosmetic items. These sponges are two major types on the market: natural and synthetic. Sea sponges are made of sea mined natural materials. They are built to last a long time and can be use if don’t have a makeup sponge. Synthetic sponges are made of synthetic […]

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Is it better to use a brush or beauty blender for foundation?

The right liquid foundation is an important part of a beauty kit. It helps strip lean imperfections from your skin and creates a clean foundation on which to create the ideal look. So ladies: brush and beauty blender… what’s better for the base? Reasons To Use a Brush Base. The Foundation is considered to be […]

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What is the difference between foundation and BB cream?

A noisy area for skin care and beauty examination. New products come every few months to give you the best look skin. BB cream came on stage a few years ago and has continuously retained its success making it a staple of beauty. If you’ve previously heard about this drug, but don’t know how different […]

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Can you wear under eye concealer without foundation?

You want to cover until your base is added to the under-eye region. If you in this area use concealers to lighten the eyes and highlight a shade lighter than your foot, it can be a little too clear and too vivid if spread around the face. For this field, we will use a concealing […]

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