Can you wear under eye concealer without foundation?

You want to cover until your base is added to the under-eye region. If you in this area use concealers to lighten the eyes and highlight a shade lighter than your foot, it can be a little too clear and too vivid if spread around the face.

For this field, we will use a concealing brush, an almost mini-version of the synthetic base brush with slightly steeper bristles.

Start in the corner with wear under eye concealer without foundation, short strokes and work your way out and down. If you push the liquid with your brush like this, it won’t seem too heavy because it allows you to mix when going down.

eye concealer

Tip: you need two devices for the concealer-your brush and your finger. Move the product with your fingertips into the skin as you brush so you heat the liquid and blend it well with the skin. So, brush, brush, tap, tap, and tap.

Mix to the top of the cheekbone if you want to make room for yourself to combine the concealer edges with the base, giving us a smooth look.

Then when we spread the base gently over the mask, we can use concealer without foundation but tap it with our brush so that the smooth concealer isn’t smeared.

In other places on the face, where it is important to cover (we want to stick with our trusted concealing brush around the nose, and of course, defects) and mask those places by using a foundation with a concealer that suits the color of our base (if we use the color we use underneath the eye, the cache is noticeable and thus prettily atrocious).

If we had to dissimulate before foundation, then we would spend time making all completely smooth and brush over our work with the brush of the foundation.

Remember, always start with a thin layer and build cover as appropriate.