Is it better to use a brush or beauty blender for foundation?

flexible sponge

The right liquid foundation is an important part of a beauty kit. It helps strip lean imperfections from your skin and creates a clean foundation on which to create the ideal look. So ladies: brush and beauty blender… what’s better for the base?

Reasons To Use a Brush Base.

The Foundation is considered to be a little difficult to apply. It takes some practice to blend just like that and look totally normal.

Since the aim of the foundation is to make your skin look perfect, it can be difficult. A basic foundation brush has been good enough for decades and still is good enough for many Make-up lovers.


Secondly, a decent brush lasts longer than a sponge, so that you don’t break the bank sometimes.

Here are some more benefits to use a brush or beauty blender for foundation: If you have dry skin, you can directly put a foundation on your skin with a brush (which should be done using a BeautyBlender).

Dry skin types require as much moisture as possible and applying water to your face would only make your skin drier and can produce a clumpy condition in your maquillage.

Reasons Use a BeautyBlender Sponge Makeup

There are many major reasons why the BeautyBlender sponge has so many fans. Pushing less and pulling less damage to the skin.

You may spend more time replacing your BeautyBlender, but if you are the sort (be honest with yourself) who never washes her make-up bushes and run the risk of re-using a brush filled with bacteria on your clean face, you are better off with a tool you will have to replace.

Due to the shape of a blender, it’s a flexible sponge which not only can be used for foundation, but also for concealing, bronzing and highlighting.

When one considers about beauty blender vs. foundation brush and how you have to buy another make-up brush for almost every use, it might be worthwhile investing in a BeautyBlender.