What can I use if I don’t have a makeup sponge?

powder sponge

Cosmetic sponges are one of the most common cosmetic items. These sponges are two major types on the market: natural and synthetic.

Sea sponges are made of sea mined natural materials. They are built to last a long time and can be use if don’t have a makeup sponge.

Synthetic sponges are made of synthetic materials from their name. In comparison to naturally occurring sponges, synthetic sponges are engineered for a single use.

You can use them many times, but you have to periodically clean them. You can have put bacteria on your skin.

Styles of sponges of makeup

There are a wide range of other sponges in the natural and synthetic groups. The most popular are: Concealer: a small sponge with a small wedge and suitable to mix the concealer.

There are several sizes of concealer for which you can pick the one which is substitute for makeup sponge.

Liquid base sponge

Liquid base sponge characterized by a large wedge shape, suitable for the use of a foundation. You will have a sponge that has a soft and smooth feel and very small pores when making the purchase.

Make-up eye

Perfect for making up so you can appear smoky. You will get a sponge with a strong type when buying your sponge which will easily shape your eye makeup.

Pressed powder sponge

A broad round shape characterizes it. You should go for one with a round shape when shopping for one, since it fits better.

Make-up remover: this is a large round shaped sponge that removes maquillage very quickly. You will go for one with a porous and coarse texture during the purchase.

Care for sponges

You need to take good care of the sponges for a long time, and maintain their appearance. One of the most effective ways to treat them is to periodically clean them.

You should avoid cleaning them with cleansers as a rule because they appear to damage them. You must also store them in dry, makeup-free places.


That’s what you need to know about sponges made from makeup. You will purchase them from a reputable store to buy high quality sponges.