What is the difference between razor burn and razor bumps?

Rasor burn, which is the rawness of the face known to thousands of people, will in most cases be avoided. This article offers a simple solution.

First of all, what’s Rasor Burn? Let us begin by saying that it’s certainly not a real burn-only that the feeling is one of burning and scratching on irritated skin. It’s what irritates the skin and, in the case of razor burn, how do you get relief.

Key difference between razor burn and razor bumps

In the case of one-blade rasers, it occurs as the raser is moved over the skin from time to time, sometimes aiming for an extra-closed rasher.

This is a technical failure-the number of “passes” required to get a very close shave is more a feature than repeat scraping of the razor!

And how important is razor burn vs. razor bumps? Now the new multinationals have no less than five blades behind each other.

razor burn

This means that you get 5′ passes ‘ blades for each stroke over your face-make three strokes and this is not less than fifteen with a single blade razor.

The effect is a burning razor. You see, stubble is not only removed by the razor blade, but also a very fine skin cell layer. It is known as exhalation and is a way to’ refresh’ the skin and make it look better and even healthier.

The problem is that multi-blade rasers can quickly go too far, moving layers of dead skin cells into living cells below–and that hurts!

Another problem that users of multi-bladed rasers–especially men with wiry beards–can encounter are so-called “razor bumps.” The movement of a multi-blade razor as it moves over the skin will cause this condition.

The first blade removes the hair from the follicle and the second blade makes the cut until it slices. The hair recedes below the skin surface and gives a very smooth shave.

The’ razor bumps’ are in fact through hair, which cannot find a way out, having been cut in the way mentioned above, forming’ bump’ to escape the skin.

It may also be asked what use is actually possible more than two blades — but this is another story! These can become itchy and contaminated and cause even more suffering.